Fit for BIM develops and tests solutions for a successful inclusion of digital skills and new technologies in training programmes – exemplary for the construction sector.

The partnership

establishes a network of relevant stakeholders - local, regional, national and EU-wide

We work with stakeholders from education, business, science and politics. With their support, we embed the solutions sustainably.

develops and tests learning units and learning material on the subject of digital building

The vocational and higher education institutions develop learning units on digital construction for various professions and test them in the ongoing training with their trainees or students. We also organise an international workshop with trainees, students and teachers from all four project countries.

develops a training course for teachers for digital construction

Parallel to the development of learning units, a training course for teachers of vocational education and training for digital construction is being developed. In the project, the teachers of the institutions are getting advised and prepared to work with the content of digital building. Within a seminar, vocational school teachers can also try out parts of the training course.

designs a process proposal for the strengthening of permeability and the recognition of competences

The partners from the vocational schools and higher education institutes discuss, exemplary for the construction sector, how the permeability between vocational and higher education can be promoted and cooperation can be strengthened. We develop models for joint learning and procedures for the recognition of previously acquired competences.

conducts workshops and meetings with multipliers

Within the framework of 11 workshops in the four countries and an international conference, we present the project results to a larger circle of stakeholders from vocational and higher education, teacher training, business and politics / administration, which transfer the results as multipliers and supporters .

Transferconference, February 2020
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promotes the dissemination and transfer of the approaches in the four countries and across the EU

We distribute the project results and products through the channels of partners and supporters, present the project at external events – such as fairs, exhibitions or conferences – and work with media of the thematic field that can report on the project and its results.

Fit for BIM – Digitales Bauen in der Berufsausbildung – Good Practice Article from the National Agency at BIBB/December 2020
Article at BBH/November 2017

Learning activity in Poznan, October 2019